#104 Saturday – Carved Turtle with Pottery Shards

Instructor: Kristy Dial – Minden, NV Carve a classic design and learn how to inlay authentic pottery shards and a cabochon. We will be wood burning, carving, and perfecting the art of inlay. The gourd will be finished with a rim of Torrey Pine needles. The skills you will learn or master in this class can be used on any gourd project. It will be a fun day of carving a great piece of art! Class will be held outside. Dimensions of the project: 9” x 7” Materials & preparation fee: $40 All Levels Tools needed: A good quality dust mask, mini jig saw, wood burner, an awl, power carving tool (Dremel, Master Carver, etc.), and any burrs you may have. I will have burrs available to purchase.