# 204 Sunday – Peacock on Manzanita

Instructor: Gloria Crane – Hesperia, CA To create this beautiful peacock perched on a manzanita branch, you will incorporate wood burning, carving, metallic inks, regular ink dye, and pigment powders. The unique rim cut is embellished with variegated gold leaf. After this fun class, you will no longer be intimidated by, or have problems with, gold leaf application. Class will be held outside. Dimensions of the project: 5” x 10” Materials & preparation fee: $45    All Levels Tools needed: Adjustable wood‐burner and your favorite pens for burning tight, curved lines, a power carver with flexible shaft (please no cordless carvers), #107 ball burr, your favorite burr for removing gourd skin, a heat tool, a good quality dust mask or respirator, small paint brushes, soft mop brush, and an X‐acto knife with sharp blade